The SP CSR Vision
Creating a Sustainable and Responsible Business
SP Group’s philosophy embeds Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the way it works. One of the first projects of the Group was building a water reservoir at Malabar Hill, which supplies water to citizens of Mumbai even today, thereby reiterating the Group’s belief of being socially responsible. SP Group’s businesses as well as its CSR initiatives are driven by two core principles–Sustainability and Responsibility–which is reflected in the Group’s CSR vision.
The SP Group’s Belief
At Shapoorji Pallonji, we are committed to enriching people’s lives and being environmentally responsible.

Shapoorji Pallonji is committed to being a socially responsible business. For us, at SP, business is as much about integrating societal, economic and environmental obligations as it is about creating business value. Thereby contributing in our own small way to make our world a better place.
The SP Group promotes sustainable development through four focus areas.
Improve the Quality of Life
Affordable quality healthcare, safe drinking water and sanitation
Promote Inclusion and Development
Training and earning opportunity to differently challenged youth, alleviation of poverty and financial inclusion for migrant labour
Provide Education and Skills Training
Helping underprivileged children, young adults and tribal communities
Preserve the Environment
Reducing carbon footprint, increasing green cover and promoting bio-diversity
Education: School Adoption
SP Group has adopted a tribal Ashramshala (boarding school for tribal girls and boys) in Padsare village, Raigad district, Maharashtra. This area has intermittent electricity, no piped water and inadequate health care facilities. In such tough conditions, 380 children (6 - 13 years) live and study at the Ashramshala.

SP Group has improved the school infrastructure, designed better and more classrooms, built a dormitory, amphitheatre, sanitation block and a playground. To ensure good health a drinking water plant has been installed and regular doctor check-ups are done. For nutrition, the children are provided with healthy, locally available supplements and an organic vegetable garden has been planted. The education system is also being improved with participative learning, English teaching, and Astronomy and Science camps.
Education Day Care Centres
SP is one of the first construction companies to offer safe, secure environment to the children of migrant workers at the construction sites. SP has set up crèche cum day schools for children (0 - 13 years) at project sites where nutrition, medical aid and education are provided daily. Nearly 500 children participate in this programme and over 3500 children are covered over the last 6 years. The endeavour is to enrol these children in Government schools so that they can be mainstreamed into the education system.
Skills Training to Under Privileged Rural Youth
SP Group has provided classroom and on-site training to under privileged rural youth at the State-of-art Skills Institute, Kolkata. The curriculum of the training is formulated in partnership with UK based CITB. SP Group has trained over 230 youth and provided stipend during the training.

In collaboration with a pan-IIT alumni organisation, skills training centres have been set up for tribal youth in Jharkhand. The Centre adopts a 30 - 45 days gurukul style residential training and after training, the youth gets placement opportunity at the construction site.
Safe Drinking Water and Good Health
Potable water in rural areas is a challenge. One of the SP Group companies is in the business of manufacturing and selling rural community drinking water plants and a range of non-electric filters, thus proving that business itself can be socially relevant. In times of disaster, these filters are supplied free of cost to affected communities.
Reducing Carbon Footprint
SP Group views its environmental responsibility very seriously. With the vision to reduce its carbon footprint, a programme to reduce and reuse has been initiated. The programme couples employee awareness and engagement with infrastructural changes to achieve a reduced footprint. Commencing with a pilot programme at the SP headquarter, it has now been extended to the construction site.
Greening Planet: Vision “1 Million Trees”
To improve its environmental footprint the Group actively engages in planting and maintaining tree cover. Trees are planted in community lands in partnership with the local panchayats and communities who take up the responsibility of planting and maintaining. A tree cover of over 150,000 has been planted till date, with a target of half million trees by the end of 2015.
Greening Planet: Encouraging Bio-Diversity
The SP Group has set up bio-diversity park to promote local flora and fauna and encourage growth of native species. The park has a themed approach with a butterfly, medicinal and olfactory garden. To create awareness and educate employees on importance of bio-diversity signage is put up in the parks.
Across Borders - Community Development and Being Responsible
Supporting education, training facilities to youth, improving sanitation, access to safe water, improving nutrition, access to healthcare are areas where the Group engages in even outside of India.
Disaster Relief
In times of emergency, the Group is quick to provide medical assistance, access to safe drinking water, solar lights, food and nutrition. Care is taken to ensure that the relief material actually reaches the beneficiaries. The Group also support rehabilitation efforts post the disaster, for example in Uttrakhand, post the floods in 2013 and more recently in Jammu and Kashmir post the floods in 2014.
Financial Independence and Security to the Differently Abled
EuroAble is a call centre completely managed by the physically challenged youth. These youth are provided with intensive training pre-employment to strengthen their confidence and provide financial independence. The Group also supports a vocational training centre for the mentally challenged.
Health and Welfare Programmes for Workers and Local Community
Health care, medical check-ups, blood donation camps and eye check-up camps are conducted regularly for workers and the local communities. The camps are conducted in association with professionals, government and private hospitals.
Employee Giving
The Group celebrates the “Joy of Giving” week annually to encourage employees to donate for a noble cause by participating in the collection drive. Across the Group, over 1500 employees participated in this programme. They visited 110 NGOs, planted 465 trees and reached out to 5200 children, women and differently abled.