Pioneer in Transaction Management
and Transaction Automation Solutions  

Forbes Technosys Limited


FTL is a leading player in Cheque Truncation Systems in India with their own Cheque Processing Centres at Chennai and Delhi.

Forbes Technosys Limited (FTL), a pioneer in transaction management and transaction automation solutions, offers best-of-breed services, solutions and networks that enable customers to manage their transactions cost effectively, reliably and securely.

FTL has ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities to design and manufacture all its products in-house. Using the cutting-edge technology, FTL ensures future proofing of its products and solutions and enhanced customer satisfaction. FTL has a dedicated team to design and develop the software solutions, thereby ensuring complete IP ownership. FTL also has a "Centre for Innovation" where all the prototypes are designed and tested.

Service Areas/Solutions

FTL has a diverse product portfolio consisting of:

  • Self-Service automation (Kiosks and Multi-function ATMs)
  • Imaging solutions
  • Financial inclusion solutions
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Banking automation solutions
  • Retail automation products
  • e-Payment solutions
  • Recharge and ticketing solutions

In addition, FTL provides a wide range of managed services, such as centralised helpdesk support, incident management, customer communication and feedback, spares management, remote health monitoring, real-time transaction monitoring, MIS reports, asset management, first and second line maintenance services through a National Network Operations & Control Centre (NNOCC).



FTL's customers include leading banks, insurance companies, telecom companies, power companies, utilities, financial institutions, retailers, airlines and government organisations. Some of the prestigious clients are:
  • State Bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Indian Railways